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xnbody is an online visualization tool for the direct N-body code nbody6++, which is a variant of Sverre Aarseth's original code nbody6 modified in order to work on massively parallel computers. The main application areas of nbody6++ include star cluster simulations, planetary dynamics, models of active galactic nuclei containing black holes and others.

Official homepage of xnbody Edit

Dear users, there is now an official homepage of xnbody, which is part of the website of the Central Institute for Applied Mathematics (ZAM) at the Research Center Jülich. We are going to remove this wiki in a few months, and it will no longer be maintained (added October 1, 2005).

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  • Running nbody6 and xnbody
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  • In case of problems with xnbody please contact
  • For problems related to nbody6++ contact Rainer Spurzem (