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OpenPavilion is a free surveillance suite made for observing, monitoring and benchmarking your applications and networks. There are many independent tools being distributed with databases, servers, network components, applications and operating systems. But every tool needs an own operator and monitoring tasks. There was no free OpenSource tool that united all these values inside a holistic monitoring dashboard - that is where OpenPavilion comes to play: OpenPavilion allows people to span mixed perspectives on business and technical aspects. OpenPavilion displays comprehensive relationships using simple to understand dashboard views. And the best is: Every user can create his/her own summary and detail view collection easily in minutes !

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OpenPavilion is an easy to use observation tool for technicians and business people alike. Its goal is to reduce surveillance tasks and pinpoint the application status at a first glance. Administrators and users design visual dashboards creating tailor-made application perspectives. They can setup new application sensors easily using the incorporated Python scripting language. Sensors can be scheduled for 24/7 observation tasks considering differentiated weekday, weekend and holiday runtime clocks. Agents act on behalf of their authors sending warning and alarm mails bringing subscribers up to speed. They even escalate issues if persons of contact do not react in time. While OpenPavilion absorbs the recurrent observation tasks, users can focus on the nitty-gritty of their work !


OpenPavilion has been designed to be extendable, which means people can create their own widgets - visual instruments, charts and gadgets displaying current application values. The software is based on Flash and Python. Binaries and source code are both available as free open software. View homepage at:

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