Installing xnbody Edit

written by S. Dominiczak, April 2005?

  1. Install the class library Qt ( and the corresponding developer packages (including headers and development files for building threaded Qt applications) on your system. Usually they are included in your Linux distribution.
  2. Get the xnbody source code and unpack it.
  3. To install xnbody type in the source code directory:
    make PREFIX=<installdir>
    make PREFIX=<installdir> install

    This will install xnbody in the directory <installdir>.

  4. In addition the tools VISIT and SEAP will be installed in the directory <installdir>/visit. Before you can use them with xnbody, you need to configure and start a SEAP-server. Decide, on which machine you want to run the SEAP-server. On this machine, you need a working Perl 5 installation. For our tests we have used perl 5.005_02 and 5.6.1, but we expect the server to work with any Perl 5.x. For testing, you may use your own userid on your workstation, on the long term we suggest to use a seperate account on a machine with high availability.
  5. On the choosen machine, create a config-file for the SEAP-server. The syntax of the config-file is described in more detail in the manual. The file basically looks like this:
    seap_port     :  4711                     # an  arbitrary  port  >  1000
    seap_pidfile  :  /tmp/     # remembers the PID
    seap_passwd   :  my_passwd                # the  master  password
    seap_debug    :  0                        # 1 for extensive stdout logging
  6. Start the SEAP-server:
    seap_server -f <config-file>

    where <config-file> is the full path of your config-file. The default location of the config-file is $HOME/.seapserverrc . If you place it there, you may omit the -f-parameter.

  7. Copy the file <installdir>/visit/etc/visitrc from your VISIT-installation to the file .visitrc in your home-directory and edit it as follows:
    seap_server   :   #  hostname of your seap_server
    seap_port     :  4711                   #  portnumber of seap_server
  8. To start xnbody, you have to call the script file xnbody which is located in the directory <installdir>.
    cd <installdir>